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Which BMW Parts Should You Consider Keeping On Hand As Replacements?

Gazing at the vehicles plying on Australian roads and highways will often lead to the realisation that most Australians use Japanese manufactured vehicles. However, not all Australians do this. Some people revel in showing off their European cars too.

From BMWs to Volvos, you will invariably spot a few top European car models on Australian roads. Some people might feel that finding quality service centres or automotive spare parts for these cars might be difficult. But, this will seldom be the case. Some suppliers stock a wide range of BMW parts and accessories. In addition, they stock spare parts for dozens of other European car brands.

Exhaust systems – A critical component for your BMW

BMWs perform superbly because of their quality parts and components. The manufacturers use parts that offer an impeccable fusion of functionality, quality and precision. Because of this, all components of the vehicle work smoothly, thereby providing optimal levels of performance, longevity and safety.

You might not always be able to find BMW spare parts when you need them. Hence, you should consider checking your BMW exhaust system periodically. Quality exhaust systems offer enhanced engine performance levels. And, they help maintain optimal fuel consumption. Wear-and-tear issues might affect the functioning of your BMW’s exhaust system. Trained and experienced european mechanics and technicians will be able to replace the worn-out system with a new one easily.

BMW clutches and brakes working to keep you safe

European mechanics and technicians invariably need to deal with worn-out or malfunctioning brakes and clutches. In emergencies, each centimetre can be invaluable. BMW brakes feature special composite materials. These materials provide maximum braking safety and durability.

In addition, they work perfectly in tandem with other components of the car. The wear-and-tear that the brakes experience each day makes them one of the most frequently replaced BMW parts. Original BMW clutches can last for about 120,000 kilometres.

Even then, they will usually only produce a wear factor of maximum 1.5 millimetres per side. The hydraulic operation of the clutch serves to make it maintenance-free.

Reputed spare parts suppliers stock BMW shock absorbers and starters too

The shock absorbers manufactured by BMW feature sophisticated gas-assisted, double-tube designs. Matched perfectly to the engine, these components offer enhanced levels of comfort, lesser noise levels and better response behaviour.

These parts will function smoothly even in temperature levels ranging from -40 to 100 degrees Celsius. Similarly, when it comes to starters, European mechanics rate the BMW starter as one of the best. It can offer up to 50,000 starts with little-to-no-maintenance. It minimises fuel consumption, while performing in extreme conditions. With these traits, it comes as no surprise why BMW cars and their parts remain highly rated.

If you require quality BMW parts, shop only at SWEA. For more than 30 years, we have supplied and distributed a myriad of European car parts. We stock OEM, OES, new, reconditioned and used auto parts for various European car brands. For more details, click here.

Image Source- Pixabay


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