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Genuine Parts and The Untold Truth

Parts form the foundations of your vehicle, and will need replacing over time – but they can be expensive. This is particularly true when it comes to running a European vehicle in Australia. However, a more cost effective option does exist - Original Equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Essentially these are identical to genuine parts, except they do not bear the car manufacturers logo. So why purchase these?

Parts are not produced by the car manufacturer

Automotive parts are manufactured by a multitude of different companies around the world. Car manufacturers engage these companies to build parts for their vehicles, and may stipulate various conditions for a part to qualify as a Genuine Part. The companies responsible for producing the part will supply car manufacturers with genuine parts, whilst also offering OEM parts for sale to private buyers. The car manufacturers merely assemble their vehicles with the genuine parts – they do not make parts in house. Since parts manufacturers need to maintain their reputation for quality products, you can expect OEM parts to perform to the same standard as genuine parts.

Same part, lower price

The only difference between Genuine Parts and OEM parts may be the lack of car manufacturers branding and retail packaging. The actual part itself is identical as they are produced exactly the same way. Because it does not bear any manufacturer branding, the cost savings are passed on to you.

Retain warranty

When you buy OEM Parts, you will still retain your cars factory warranty. Sometimes car manufacturers try to mislead customers by telling you that OEM parts are inferior and will void warranty; this is not true. OEM Parts are a valid and cost-effective alternative to genuine parts and will not void your warranty.

Faster to source

OEM parts can be quicker to source, and you will have access to a wider range of choice. Brand new genuine European parts can be notoriously expensive, but you are only paying for the branding. At times, you may find that you need to wait for the parts to be ordered.

When you opt to purchase OEM parts from SWEA, you have access to a wide range of new, used and second hand parts. As experts in the European auto industry, SWEA have partnerships with leading manufacturers and European spares providers. This ensures quick access to high quality European parts and competitive pricing. We also provide quality used parts which go through a strict quality assurance process, meaning you can be confident they will last the distance.


Going for the cheap option of OEM parts does not mean you are getting an inferior product. You will receive a part that is essentially the same as what was installed in your vehicle at time of manufacture. The benefits are clear - not only are OEM spare parts cheaper, they are also readily available and will not affect your new car warranty. SWEA are a leading provider of OEM parts and European spares with a 30-year reputation within the industry. We are proud to offer exemplary service, high quality and a customer centred approach as just a few of our core values. Get in touch today and let us help you find the right part for your car.

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