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New Parts

Having a car of your own does make life more convenient. However, cars require proper care and regular maintenance & servicing. Only then will they offer you years of use. When an Australian vehicle malfunctions, repairing it does not present any difficulties. Unfortunately, this is not the case when you need to repair a European vehicle in Australia. Finding quality Mini parts or Fiat car parts in Australia can be quite difficult – unless you consider shopping at SWEA.


SWEA is one of the leading providers of new Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Equipment Supplier (OES) spare car parts in Australia. We specialise in supplying new Euro car parts at our facilities in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. We make it easier for Australians using European light commercial vehicles to find the Mercedes spare parts or Renault car parts that they need. We stock spare parts for several makes and models of European vehicles. In addition, our auto part prices are relatively inexpensive. Not surprisingly, we are famous for offering cost-effective European car services in Australia.


Unlike other suppliers, we source new car parts directly from the manufacturers. This enables us to offer you new and high-quality spare parts in reasonable timeframes. In addition, our spare parts do not come with the exorbitant price tags that genuine spare parts typically feature.  We supply spare parts sourced from many leading European manufacturers such as HELLA, SKF, HELLA PAGID, MANN-FILTER, BOSCH, BEHR HELLA SERVICE, POLITECNICA and OCAP.


Our extensive range of Euro car parts comprises hundreds of products including:

  • Air Conditioning Parts

  • Boot and Bonnet Gas-lifts 

  • Hydraulic brakes and clutch

  • Brake pads

  • Cables 

  • Shoe and park-brake kits

  • Petrol and Radiator 

  • Clutch kits 

  • Coils and coil springs 

  • Cooling hose and sensors 

  • CV and Steering rack-boots

  • Drums and disc rotors 

  • Ignition locks and doors 

  • Window regulators

  • Door handles 

  • Centre bearings 

  • Drive shaft couplings

  • EFI sensors and components 

  • Engine parts, mounts, and pulleys

  • Drive belts 

  • Fan clutches 

  • Air, Oil and Fuel Filters

  • Fuel pumps and hoses

  • Heater cores 

  • Heater taps

  • Ignition leads 

  • Gaskets 

  • Pumps for power steering

  • Radiators 

  • Shock absorbers 

  • Oil and lubricants

  • Overflow bottles/Expansion Tanks

  • Thermostats and housings 

  • Timing components 

  • Transmission parts

  • Water-pumps 

  • Wheel bearings 

  • Hub assembles 

  • Wiper blades and refills 

  • Window regulators 

  • Uni joints 

We specialised in providing high-quality products that offer optimal value for your money whether you are looking for BMW car parts, Audi spare parts or any other Euro spare parts that you need. Get in touch with us today and allow out new auto part interpreter to help you navigate through a range of options and make the right pick for your vehicle needs. You can contact us via telephone by calling 1300 240 440 or just fill in the contact form below.


List of European branded vehicles spare parts and used parts that we supply and distribute:

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