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If you don’t have enough finances to buy your desired European vehicle, or prefer to maintain cash flow for other uses then get in touch with SWEA. Whether you are a contractor, business owner, trader or delivery driver, with AxsessToday you can easily get your desired vehicle financed.

AxsessToday offers the best and most convenient fund solutions, giving you the power to secure a European vehicle in Australia worth up to $25,000 at 0% Interest* and with minimal paperwork.

With AxsessToday, you can save the initial capital and also file claims for tax deductions. And after the initial 1 year agreement, you will be given the opportunity to buy that vehicle on a rental rebate, sell it or even keep it on rent for a specified period of time.

For more information or to discuss your financing options, call on 9782 3222.


*Not available on all purchases. Subject to lending criteria. Terms and Conditions apply.

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