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Used Parts

Cruising along Australian roads in your European light commercial vehicles can be fun. But, years of use can affect the functioning of your vehicle. In addition, a variety of wear-and-tear issues can necessitate automotive repairs. It is always worthwhile to take your car to a reputed repair shop. The professionals working in these facilities will not only be able to provide a myriad of repair services. They will also be able to replace the worn-out parts with quality Euro car parts.


However, finding Euro spare parts in Australia is not always easy. Not all cities in the country have reputed suppliers of quality Iveco parts or Mercedes parts. In addition, the cost of genuine spare parts can be quite high for European vehicles. In some cases, spare part manufacturers can discontinue the manufacture of certain auto parts. In this scenario, looking for good-quality used or reconditioned auto parts could be your best bet.


SWEA is one of the leading suppliers of quality second-hand spare parts for European cars in Australia. We have been in this business for over three decades. Our inventory features an array of used and reconditioned spare parts. This includes a number of hard-to-find or rare auto spare parts. From Renault spare parts to Sprinter parts, we have it all. Our inventory comprises a comprehensive range of:

  • AC units

  • Bonnets

  • Alternators 

  • Brake systems 

  • Bumper bars 

  • Differentials and CV joints

  • Doors

  • Exhaust systems

  • Engines and other Euro car parts

  • Gear boxes 

  • Headlights 

  • Grilles 

  • Mirrors 

  • Components for power steering systems 

  • Radiators 

  • Starter motors 

  • Tail lights 

  • Body panels and more 

The list given above is not exhaustive. In fact, we stock used spare parts for almost all makes and models of European vehicles. So, if you need a particular spare part for your European car, check our list of European car vehicle brands that we supply and distribute (new and used spare parts) down below or give us a call.


This is regardless of whether you’re looking for common Smart parts or hard-to-find Skoda parts.

When you purchase used car parts from us, you can expect to receive:


  • Superior-quality and tested spare parts that offer optimal value for your money

  • Affordable and reconditioned auto parts that will lower the costs of running a European car in Australia

  • Car parts and other used auto spare parts with limited warranties and,

  • Prompt shipping that will help you get your car back on the road much faster than you anticipated


So, when you need a hard-to-find spare part for your European car next, shop at SWEA. Our friendly car part expert will help you find exactly what you need at budget-friendly prices. Call us at 1300 240 440 or fill in the contact form below to get in touch with our friendly and experienced used and reconditioned car part expert. We can help you narrow down your choices to make the best pick for your European vehicle.



List of European branded vehicles spare parts and used parts that we supply and distribute:

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