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Purchase Volvo Batteries When Shopping for Volvo Spare Parts

Volvo Battery

For many people, the Volvo Group remains one of the top manufacturers of heavy trucks, buses and construction equipment. However, its subsidiary company, Volvo Cars produces quality sedans, SUVs and station wagons.

Over the years, Volvo has acquired a reputation for being the first company to introduce features such as three-point safety belts, side collision protection etc. Purchasing Volvos in Australia can be easy. But, not all suppliers can offer OES or OEM Volvo spare parts. So, if you do find a supplier who stocks automotive parts for Volvos, consider purchasing a replacement battery as well.

Check the Voltage of the Replacement Volvo Battery

You might deposit your car in a European workshop for servicing or maintenance. If you speak to the technicians at the facility, they will advise you to purchase a 12-Volt battery. A vast majority of the vehicles on the roads these days use 12-Volt batteries. In addition, you will need to check the size of the battery you require.

Look at the Reserve Capacity of the Battery You’re Purchasing

When you shop for Volvo spare parts, you might want to purchase a replacement battery too. One of the things to consider when purchasing a new battery could be its reserve capacity. The reserve capacity denotes the number of minutes a fully-charged (and new) battery will provide 25 amps of power while maintaining a minimum of 1.75 volts per cell, when you’re not recharging the battery. The higher the reserve capacity, the better the battery will be.

Consider the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) of the New Battery

Volvo mechanics often check the CCA of batteries during replacement. In their view, the higher the CCA of the battery, the better horsepower it will provide. CCA denotes the amount of power the battery can deliver for 30 seconds, while maintaining a minimum of 1.2 volts per cell. So, a Volvo S80 will require a battery with at least 520 CCAs, while the V8 model will require batteries that provide at least 800 CCAs.

When you want quality Volvo spare parts, don’t look beyond SWEA. We have partnered with some of the top manufacturers of European car parts to become the leading supplier and distributor of automotive spare parts in the country. With more than 30 years of experience, we also offer mechanical services and repairs in our facility in Sydney. To contact us, click here.

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