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Citroën New and Used Parts

For many Australians, Citroën is a famous European car brand. However, not many people will know that Citroën has been supplying its top-of-the-line range of passenger, luxury and commercial vehicles in Australia for more than 90 years. Citroën’s range of cars are noteworthy because they challenge conventional thinking. They usually achieve this by eschewing conformity.

Andre Citroën created the Citroën vehicle brand shortly after the conclusion of World War I. In 1934, the launch of the Traction Avant established Citroën’s reputation as an automotive pioneer. Today, this French brand has become part of the second largest car manufacturer in Europe i.e. PSA Peugeot – Citroën.

At SWEA, we stock an assortment of car parts. We stock an enviable range of OEM and European used parts as well. So, if you’re looking for quality Citroën parts, you can rest assured that you will find the parts you need at our facility. However, we do stock a few cars from Citroën as well. Some of the most popular Citroën models in Australia include:

  • The Citroën C2 supermini featuring two doors and flat styling that is ideal for younger drivers

  • The Citroën C3 that offers high levels of comfort across all cars in the supermini category

  • The Citroën Aircross that is popular for its quirky looks and cosy interiors

  • The Citroën C4 Cactus, whose attractive looks give it the appearance of an SUV

  • The Citroën Grand C4 Picasso with seven seats, lots of storage space and a spacious boot

  • The Citroën C5 saloon that offers a superlative wafting driving experience that only the best limousines can match

  • The Citroën C6 saloon with smooth suspension and ample legroom in the rear, which is both striking and elegant and,

  • The Citroën Berlingo, a five-seater people carrier with a van-like cabin that offers sufficient space for people and luggage alike

Our state-of-the-art European workshop features qualified and experienced mechanics. These technicians possess ample knowledge about each part of your vehicle. Unsurprisingly, our Citroën mechanics can carry out any kind of repair work or servicing that your vehicle requires.

Australian car owners often purchase Citroën cars because:

  • The quirky designs of these cars give them a distinctive look on the roads

  • The immense variety of options available – ranging from a seven-seater MPV to a nippy hatchback

  • Finding Citroën parts is easy because Citroën cars have many parts and components in common with Peugeots and,

  • These vehicles are immensely reliable and fuel-efficient

Citroën cars are a perfect fusion of style, comfort and value. Their economical diesel engines and quality standard equipment make them highly popular throughout the country. In recent times, Citroën has split its DS-badged vehicles (such as the DS 3, 4 and 5) into a separate brand known as DS. This brand of cars is certainly more upmarket. In addition, they exude the stylish and elegant look that Citroën cars are famous for.

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