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Iveco New and Used Parts

Iveco emerged as a designer and builder of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles in 1975. The name is an acronym for Industrial Vehicles Corporation. This Italian industrial vehicle manufacturing company operates from Turin, Italy. Iveco produces quarry (or construction) site vehicles and city & intercity buses as well. And, it also manufactures special vehicles ideal for use in firefighting applications, off-road missions etc. The quality of Iveco parts and the durability of these vehicles has made Iveco a renowned brand in the automotive industry.

In Australia, Iveco Trucks has had a presence dating back to the early 1900s. It is worth mentioning that International Harvester, which would eventually become International Trucks and then, Iveco Trucks Australia, played a significant role in building the road infrastructure and the road transport industry. Its facility at Dandenong has produced more than 230,000 trucks since 1952 – more than any other truck manufacturer in the country.

Driving a sleek European car on Australian roads can be a thrilling experience. But, wear and tear issues invariably affect the performance of all motor vehicles. Finding European spare parts in Australia can be difficult. But, SWEA helps in making this activity much easier. We specialise in supplying an enviable range of spare parts for several kinds of European vehicles. From OEM parts to European used parts, we have them all. And, we stock an extensive range of spare parts for Iveco vehicles including:

  • The award-winning Iveco Daily Van that features volume capacities ranging from 7.3 cubic metres to 19.6 cubic metres, industry-leading eight-speed Hi-matic full automatic transmission and class-leading power and torque that enabled this vehicle to pick up the ‘International Van of the Year – 2018’ award for its Blue Power range

  • The Iveco Daily Cab that has payloads spanning 2.4 to over 4.5 tonnes, fuel-efficient engines, a tough C-section chassis, low tare weight and brake towing capacities of up to 3.5 tonnes

  • The Iveco Minibus, fitted with new Euro VI engines that enhance the vehicle’s power capacity while reducing fuel consumption levels, which are versatile enough for you to use on intercity routes or as superb touring vehicles

  • The Iveco Daily 4x4 Minibus that provides a perfect fusion of off-road capabilities with ample seating and comfort to accommodate as many as 14 passengers – available in 4,495 kg or 5,500 kg Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) as a four-wheel drive vehicle

At SWEA, we can vouch for the fact that you will get the best Iveco used parts in Australia. But, we do not merely specialise in supplying a wide range of Euro spare parts. Our state-of-the-art European workshop features a number of knowledgeable and experienced mechanics as well. These individuals know all the details about a variety of European car models – including Iveco’s range of vehicles. Thus, should your vehicle require some repair work, these Iveco mechanics will be able to restore the functionality of your vehicle with minimal fuss.

This CNH Industrial brand of Iveco remains committed to safe, efficient and sustainable mobility. As such, it continues to develop technological solutions that are conducive to people as well as the environment. For more than 30 years, Iveco has been investing in the development of alternative drive systems and vehicles fitted with quality Iveco parts. Unsurprisingly, this brand of vehicles will undoubtedly continue to design and produce industrial and commercial vehicles par excellence.

Image Source: Pixabay


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