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Alfa Romeo New and Used Parts

Some Australians might not have heard of Alfa Romeos. This is especially so if they are not too interested in cars of European make. However, Alfa Romeos are among the most celebrated and storied marques in the European car service and automotive industry. They arrived on the scene more than 100 years ago in 1910.

Founded in Milan as the Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (or the Lombard Automobile Factory or ALFA), this make of cars quickly earned renown for their impressive motorsport successes. In 1915, Nicola Romeo, an entrepreneur, purchased the ALFA brand. Five years later, the brand received the new name of Alfa Romeo, which it continues to bear even today.

Alfa Romeo vehicles offer a remarkable fusion of sleek designs and superior performances. Today, this brand has become a part of the renowned Fiat Chrysler Group. Nevertheless, it continues to produce vehicles offering a superlative blend of sensuous styles and exhilarating performances.

At SWEA, supplying new and used Euro spare parts is our forte. But, we also offer some of the most popular Alfa Romeo models in Australia including:

  • The Giulia range of cars (including the Giulia Super and Giulia Veloce variants) that incorporate premium-quality materials and other branded Alfa Romeo parts in a minimalist design

  • The Stelvio – the first SUV from Alfa Romeo – that derives its inspiration from the legendary Stelvio Pass

  • The 4C Coupe and its open-top variant, the 4C Spider

  • The Giulietta hatchback range of cars and,

  • Other models including the 147, 156, 159, Brera, GT, GTV etc.

We specialise in providing European car service for your Alfa Romeos as well. Our state-of-the-art European workshop features fully-trained mechanics and technicians. These expert Alfa Romeo mechanics possess comprehensive knowledge about every part of your vehicle. As a result, they will be able to give your car the attention and servicing it needs based on your requirements and your budget. Entrust your car to our Alfa mechanics to obtain quality repairs at competitive prices.

Many Australians like purchasing Alfa Romeos because:

  • This brand of cars has a long and storied racing history, which includes Le Mans, European Touring Car Championship and Formula 1 wins

  • They are from Italy and Italy is famous for manufacturing a diverse selection of sleek and exciting cars

  • Alfa Romeos are among the most remarkable and stylish looking cars around – especially, given their distinctive triangular grille

  • Alfa Romeos share many of their engines, transmissions, floorpans and suspensions with Fiat, which makes shopping for Alfa Romeo parts considerably easier

  • Alfa Romeos are a premium brand of cars that compares favourably with other heavyweights such as Audis and BMWs and,

  • These cars offer an authentic sports car driving experience

Alfa Romeos have become a premium and desired car brand in Australia. Their structural design, quality Alfa parts, sleekness and optimal performance makes them a preferred car brand for many Australians. With new models including convertible sports cars and flagship sedans in the works, Alfa Romeos can make a driving enthusiast out of you very easily.


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