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Knowledgeable Alfa Romeo Mechanics Can Take Care of Your Car’s Cooling System

Large numbers of Australians rely on their vehicles each day. Thus, it goes without saying that many of these individuals take great pride in owning cars. This will be especially so if the car happens to have a rich history and comes from a reputed brand. For many Australians, the Alfa Romeo ranks among the top classic vehicles from Europe. With a history dating back to 1907, this Italian range of cars ranks high on innovation and performance. Not surprisingly, many Australians continue to invest their hard-earned money on these vehicles. Naturally, these vehicles require proper care and regular maintenance. Thankfully, many Australian cities feature authorised service stations with qualified Alfa Romeo mechanics. These professionals can inspect your vehicle and resolve any issues with minimal fuss.

Damaged Water Pumps Can Affect the Cooling System of Your Alfa Romeo

When in use, the engine of your car can overheat rapidly. To prevent this, the engine will need a constant flow of coolant. The water pump helps in maintaining this flow of coolant to the engine. As a result, the car’s engine works at the correct temperature. The pump pushes the coolant from the radiator, through the engine and then, back into the radiator. The water pump typically lies beneath the car’s timing belt. Thus, accessing and inspecting it can be tough. So, in case the pump sustains damage, you might not even come to know. Faulty or damaged water pumps can damage your engine over time. For this reason, many Alfa Romeo mechanics replace the water pump as a preventive measure whenever they replace the timing belt.

Replace Damaged Radiator or Cooling System Parts with Quality Replacements Sourced from Reputed Alfa Parts Suppliers

The health of your Alfa Romeo’s engine inevitably depends on the condition of the radiator and the cooling system. The cooling system, in particular, comprises an assortment of components. These include the water pump, rubber hoses, heater assembly, drive belts, coolant temperature sensors, coolant & antifreeze, engine thermostat etc. Wear and tear issues could affect any of these components over time. The criticality of these parts and systems could make the engine malfunction and under perform. As a result, not only will your Alfa Romeo consume fuel excessively. It will also cause excessive emissions and damage key exhaust components. A qualified Alfa Romeo mechanic can ensure that all the components of your car’s cooling system remain in prime condition. They can also provide the necessary coolant and fluid top-ups if needed.

Does the Thermostat Require Repair or Replacement?

Suppliers of Alfa Romeo parts will invariably stock thermostats. The thermostat helps in controlling the flow of coolant to the engine. Thus, it keeps your Alfa Romeo running at its optimal running temperature. Based on the temperature of the engine, the thermostat will open or close to allow or restrict the flow of coolant. On occasions, the thermostat could become stuck in the open or closed positions. If it becomes stuck in the closed position, it will restrict the flow of coolant to the engine. This will make the engine overheat. Similarly, when the thermostat becomes stuck in the open position, it will provide a constant flow of coolant to the engine. This will ensure that your engine never reaches it optimal temperature. This can decrease performance levels, increase fuel consumption and increase exhaust emissions.

Whenever you need quality OEM and OES spare parts for your Alfa Romeo, simply obtain them at SWEA. Since the early 1980s, we have been supplying spare parts for various European car models. We offer vehicle repair services too. Our Alfa mechanics will service and repair your car with minimal fuss. Visit Swea for more information.

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