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Mercedes-Benz New and Used Parts

Mercedes-Benz are renown for their stringent quality control and precision engineering, which is testament to their slogan “The best or nothing”. With such a diverse catalogue of vehicles spanning from passenger cars through to buses, coaches and trucks, Mercedes-Benz parts are an absolute necessity. Customers should be able to access spare parts at a moment’s notice and for a fair price, and that is where SWEA can help.

As the owner of a Mercedes-Benz you have an appreciation for quality and reliability. Given that parts are the building block of your vehicle, they should not be neglected. Keep your vehicle running at optimal performance by only using quality genuine and OEM parts built to the same exacting standards set by Mercedes-Benz themselves. We are proud to offer a wide range of MB parts – both new and used, and have expert knowledge on European vehicles.

With origins dating back as far as 1886, it is no surprise that Mercedes-Benz have grown to become one of the most reputable luxury vehicle brands in the market today. The most popular sedan and coupe models are the A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, E-Class and S-Class. Each of these cars suit a different category of buyer, ranging from everyday motorists through to car enthusiasts. Every model represents the epitome of motoring pleasure, so help to maintain that by choosing SWEA. It doesn’t matter whether your vehicle is an early or late model – we are likely to have the parts you need. SWEA offer a full range of parts from leading manufacturers and stock all the major brands.

Whilst sedans and coupes are ever popular, many buyers are now opting for luxury crossover/sports utility vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz GLA, GLE, GLC and GLS. These vehicles are ideal for families and those who need a bit more room to breathe. Mercedes-Benz have an impeccable safety record, and this can be maintained long term by using quality new, second hand, genuine and OEM parts. Make an investment in you and your families safety and consider SWEA for your MB Parts needs.

Those who demand cutting edge performance and a thrill behind the wheel tend to opt for Mercedes-Benz AMG models. No matter the model, these flagship vehicles are built for sports driving and performance. AMG vehicles need to be serviced on a more frequent basis, meaning that parts need to be sourced quickly. Genuine parts do not come cheap, so why not consider OEM parts? OEM Parts are identical in every way – they just lack manufacturer branding. Your AMG will still perform to the same high standard you expect. Leave it to us, and we will have you back behind the wheel in no time.

Entrust your Mercedes-Benz parts needs to SWEA – the European experts. Quality parts and professional service are guaranteed. No matter whether you need something simple such as an oil filter, or something more significant like an engine replacement – we can meet your needs. With the widest range of European spares in Australia, you can keep your Mercedes-Benz running in perfect order – just like the day it was rolled off the production line.

Model line-up excluding SLC, GT, Maybach

Model short codes; W168 W169 W176 W245 W246 W201 W202 W203 W204 S202 S203 S204 W123 W124 W210 W211 W212 V123 V124 V212 S123 S124 S210 S211 S212 W126 W140 W220 W221 V126 V140 V220 V221 W100 VF140 VF220 VF221 A140 CL203 CL203 C204 C123 C124 C208 C209 C207 A124 A208 A209 A207 W219 W218 C107 C126 C140 C215 C216 C292 R170 R171 R172 R107 R129 R230 R231 C197 C199 R199 Z199 W414 W638 W639 V220 V221 222 V251 X204 W163 W164 W166 X164 X166 W460 W461 W463 MB100 W638 W639 T1 W901 W902 W903 W904 W905 NCV3 T2 W670

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